The Parrot Faurecia Automotive demonstrator at CES 2018
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CES 2018 in LAS Vegas, USA

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Parrot Faurecia Automotive & Faurecia will attend together the 2018 CES in Las Vegas. Come to the Faurecia booth (Las Vegas Convention Center - Central Plaza - CP-3) to experience our latest demonstrator.  

Faurecia will participate for the first time at CES® Las Vegas (January 9th -12th). 

Faurecia will reveal major disruptive innovations for a personalized and safe on-board experience in the versatile, connected and predictive Cockpit of the Future. For the first time the Group will also showcase digital services for health and wellness and for smarter and cleaner cities. 

Faurecia will demonstrate its role as a leading systems integrator for changing mobility needs and enhance user experience, together with the rapid expansion of its innovation ecosystem through partnerships, acquisitions and investment in start-ups.  

Among the technologies and services highlighted for Smart Life on Board and Sustainable Mobility are: 

  • A fully integrated cockpit of the future demonstrating versatile architecture and smart systems for a safe and personalized user experience for different driving modes. 

  • A connected seat cover for driving professionals incorporating sensors for health and wellness data monitoring. This closed loop comfort system monitors occupant status and applies therapies to improve well-being. 

  • An individualized infotainment thanks to voice assistants into Parrot Automotive’s multi-platform system. 

  • Real time data emissions monitoring with state-of-the-art sensor technology helping cities and fleets to improve air quality. 

A selection of start-ups working with Faurecia will also be present on the booth. 

A press conference with Faurecia CEO, Patrick Koller, will be held on January 8 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 4.00PM (room Surf A-B-C).