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Smart Antenna : Simplifying Infotainment by Effectively Relocating Multi-Radio Tuners and Connectivity

04/01/2016 - Press

Parrot Automotive, a leader in infotainment and connectivity solutions, presents the Smart Antenna, an Ethernet deported multi-radio Tuner and connectivity module, allowing simplification of Head Unit development by optimizing cost and performance


Efficiency: Reduce Automotive Infotainment Development Time


Standard OEM Infotainment development cycles can take as long as 3 years to complete and launch. With the growing appetite of consumer needs for a feature rich user experience in the vehicle, the development of Head Unit continues to grow, adding more complexity and risk. In addition, with the fast pace movement of the CE industry and release of powerful computing and graphics processors, technology and consumer expectations continue to thrive. By rethinking traditional HU architecture and decoupling the Tuners, Antenna Integration and Connectivity, this approach introduces a method for reducing Head Unit design complexity, which allows  for reduced design, development and validation effort and potential to reduce overall project timeline. 

Simplicity: Reduce Automotive Infotainment Development Complexity

When considering a Smart Antenna solution with a platform approach, this enables many key benefits. The weight, cost and complexity of routing long traditional coaxial cables through the car can be replaced by a single Ethernet cable. In addition, the heavy lifting of the tuner reception, refined signal tuning and post processing can be managed by the optimized Smart Antenna platform, providing the Head Unit with a simple audio channel and control mechanism. This strategy can be a key benefit to reducing the overall development, cost and complexity of vehicle integration.

Enhancement: Introduce Simple Design with a Spectrum of Features

Behind the Smart Antenna concept, in order to optimize the platform, the concept must be capable to manage one universal design that supports all worldwide radio tuners at high performance. With the global requirement of both TV and Radio in mobility, a flexible and powerful solution would need to dynamically support worldwide standards (FM, AM, DAB, DAB+, DRM, DVB-T2 Lite, CMMB, HD Radio, ISDB-T1 seg) and embed performance that will be able to fully manage background scan, service following, diversity control, etc. In addition, further advantages can be realized when the Smart Antenna can also support Connectivity features such as Bluetooth, 3G/4G, Car2X.


With Parrot’s extensive experience and IP in tuner and connectivity technology, Parrot’s Smart Antenna is an innovative approach that will be able to simplify and enhance Infotainment Development.