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Rethinking in-car electronics with Android and Ethernet: Parrot SOCA, a scalable infotainment architecture for car manufacturers.

07/01/2014 - Press

With Parrot SOCA, Parrot offers a unique vision of the connected car via a scalable and flexible infotainment system running on Android 4.4, with no modification of the source code.

Example of the SOCA architecture

In modern cars, electronics, screens and connections are getting more and more complex. Parrot intends to simplify the lives of car manufacturers with innovative technologies, connected both wirelessly and via Ethernet, using a reliable base system based on Android from Google.

Parrot SOCA is the most advanced implementation of Android for the car.
A car manufacturer can easily integrate its future models with Parrot SOCA:

-        An open system, with tactile and vocal interface, and a fully customizable user interface that is consistent with the car brand ;
-        Android Apps (driving assistance, navigation, music, games…)  
-        Ethernet in TCP/IP and Audio Video Bridging (AVB) that transmits in the car all content and video flux in 1080p including rear-cameras. 
         The result? Less cables which also reduce the weight of the vehicle ;
-        Access to the information of an on-board computer ;
-        Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB sharing connection or via 4G modem ;
-        Bluetooth hands-free telephony ;
-        Extended capabilities like Miracast for the mirroring of the Smartphone ;
-        Optional, a Smart Antenna, that brings AM/FM radio, digital radio and TV (DAB, TNT...), GPS with a single antenna.

Scalable because it is based on the latest technologies and protocols, Parrot SOCA also innovates in being based on known, well-tried and economic hardware systems:  

-       For the driver and passengers’ screens (in the headrests), car manufacturers can easily deploy systems that are similar to tactile Tablets, based on a
        processor like Nvidia or Parrot P7.
-       The Parrot SOCA architecture runs on a 1-DIN Linux box easy to embed and based on a Dual Core Parrot P7 processor.

Thanks to Parrot SOCA, car manufacturers benefit from a comprehensive and scalable connected solution at a controlled cost. 


Parrot Smart Antenna

The architecture of Parrot SOCA can be enhanced with the “Smart Antenna”, which is a SDR (Software-Defined Radio). 
This will enable the management of a large range of signals:

-       AM/FM radio, digital radio (DAB, DRM, HD-radio)
-       Digital TV (DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T, CMMB, CTTB)
-       GPS 

It integrates an antenna and all required receptors, in the same box so there is no need to install additional cables between the antenna and each of the receptors.  

The Smart Antenna distributes these signals on the vehicle’s Ethernet network to all connected terminals. This enables the grouping of all signals into one cable, instead of using one cable per signal
Using a versatile polyvalent receptor and Ethernet networking, the Parrot SOCA architecture enables a simplified and economic deployment of multiple signals dedicated to the driver.            

Smart Antenna

Parrot SOCA :
-       Availability: 2014

Parrot Smart Antenna :
-       Availability: 2015


Parrot, with its OEM division for car manufacturers, is a leader of in-car connectivity, having equipped more than six million vehicles with high-end technology in 2013.