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Parrot Joins AVnu Alliance as New Member

13/06/2014 - Press

Parrot joins major Automotive players implementing Ethernet in cars thanks to AVB technology.
Parrot, a leader in automotive connectivity and infotainment solutions, joins the AVnu alliance, an industry consortium with over 70 member companies. Through one of its core market initiatives, AVnu Alliance is working with manufacturers and technology providers to certify interoperable Ethernet AVB networks in automobiles. Parrot will contribute its infotainment and connectivity expertise to the Automotive segment within the Alliance.

Eric Riyahi, Executive Vice-President of Parrot, says, “Parrot offers carmakers a range of infotainment solutions using Ethernet: head units, rear-seat entertainment systems, digital TV and radio reception units, media centers, etc. We count on AVB for improved performance, with the growing number of high speed network-enabled devices in the vehicle and future scalability.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Parrot as a new member and have them join us in our mission to grow the AVB ecosystem in automotive,” says Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance President. “Parrot is a pioneer in in-car AVB networks creating new solutions for carmakers, and we are happy to have their knowledge and commitment to the Alliance.”

Parrot has been working on Ethernet in vehicles for the past three years. During 2014 CES in Las Vegas, Parrot unveiled the SOCA concept of an Ethernet-based infotainment architecture, as well as an AVB-enabled reverse camera system.

AVnu Alliance will participate in this year’s Ethernet & IP Automotive Tech Day on October 23-24th in Detroit, Michigan, along with vendors dedicated to the evolution of Ethernet and AVB standards, technologies and applications in the automotive environment.

Diagram Parrot Avb
This diagram show the CES2014 demo of AVB technology by Parrot. It presented a video stream transfer within an AVB-managed network. The stream originated in a rearview camera and was sent to the head unit. A tablet connected to the network attempts to disrupt the data transfer, but thanks to AVB, the data rate between the camera and the head unit is maintained and no disruption is visible.