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Letting your head unit operate seamlessly with your mobile devices and access the Internet.

By putting internet into the vehicle, by enabling voice control, simplifying connection over Bluetooth and managing several media sources, Parrot provide a large, full and smart connectivity used nowadays in the automotive field.

Connecting to the internet: Parrot Mambo

Internet in your car is a wonderful way to get access to Internet radios, music streaming, weather, speed warning, gasoline prices, etc. It is also possible to add more connected apps thanks to a Android platform.

Controling by voice: Parrot Soprano

A good infotainment system requires a state-of-the-art VR (Voice Recognition) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) system. Parrot Voice Recognition is the software library for speaker independant voice recognition and text-to-speech. Based on Nuance technology, it provides a simple interface for the user and more than 20 languages. Parrot Soprano engineers support our customers for the implementation of voice recognition. With Soprano, the driver just needs to say the name of the contact to initiate a phone call. And it works with music… By saying “Michael Jackson”, SopranoTM will look for the artist on all sources (USB, SD, Bluetooth, Internet…) and then start playing the music track.

Mastering Bluetooth Connectivity: Parrot Blues

Though Bluetooth is a standard, Parrot has developed its own Bluetooth stack called Blues to improve the interoperability with the diversity of mobile phones available on the market. Parrot offers the best-in-class compatibility with all the nomadic devices thanks to heavy interoperability testing and a severe policy to continuously improve the compatibility. We propose free software updates twice a year to our customers in order to provide new features and to get compatibility with new consumer devices.

Managing and Playing media sources: Parrot Concertos

Concertos is the library developed by Parrot to ease the management of music files. It uses the content of external sources (USB sticks, SD cards, iPhone/iPod, or even Internet streaming applications) to create a database of playable music files. The music can then be browsed by artist, album, genre, playlist or also by folder. The user can also select the media via Soprano, the Parrot Speech Recognition. Concertos features a high quality audio player that can display the covers of the albums. Finally, Concertos can increase the audio performance thanks to Symphony, the Parrot sound enhancer.