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Audio Expertise, 20 years of Parrot experiences

With more than 20 years of know-how in Digital Signal processing, Parrot keep improving their speech and music processing algorithms and provide optimized customization for OEM car maker.

Parrot VIBE

What would be the point of having a phone call in a car if the sound quality prevents from having a clear conversation ? In any car handsfree system there are risks of echo, half-duplex, noise and speech quality for the far-end. Parrot VibeTM is a collection of DSP algorithms designed internally to remove those issues. Moreover, Parrot algorithms are adaptive : they can be implemented in different vehicles via a simple tuning process.

Parrot Symphony

The car audio systems are limited by the size and the positions of the loudspeakers. Parrot SymphonyTM is a collection of DSP algorithms enhancing the perceived quality of the music. It uses psychoacoustics effects to create Virtual Bass and Car Spatialization.